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As a former founder and an active investor, I have a deep admiration for those who achieve against all odds.

I invest in founders who follow their heart and passion to get the job done. They have the grit to embrace the pain, fight for their team, and push forward relentlessly in pursuit of their vision.

Having been there myself, I know how difficult building a successful startup can be; now I want to support other founders to build thriving businesses.

Through Fund One, I primarily invest in Angel, Pre-Seed to Seed, and occasionally in Series A. I focus on software and technology solutions that address meaningful problems but am vertical agnostic. 

I have worked as an entrepreneur, operating executive, investor, or advisor to private and public companies, including Algolia, Aircall, Axel Springer, Bonial, Coralogix, Epsor, Frontify, Getaccept, gohenry, HeyData,, Hublo, Jobspotting, N26, Novos Labs, Planity,, Slush, SmartRecruiters, Stepstone, Welcome to the Jungle, Wo\men Inc., Yubo, and many more.

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